The Psychic Owl

An empath is much like an owl. She is a protector, a mentor, a goddess of wisdom that fosters a voice of counsel and omniscient vision…. She is almost psychic, making carefully calculated guesses of her neighbours state of mind. Yet, she has dual symbolic meanings: one of a bad omen and one of a wise goddess. Does this not perhaps ring in unison of empaths who typically feel misunderstood? Empaths can gain powerful supremacy with the combination of their sensitivity, compassion, their extrasensory intuition and strategic disposition. Empaths have the aptness to embody a goddess or demon, dependent on the motives for their allure and compassion.

The owl (much like an empath) has a supernatural capacity to see beyond lies and deceit with their scrupulous vision…. Empaths too are defenders of truth and seem to have an innate ability to tune into an intuitive realm that sees the reality behind the illusion. Owls are known to symbolise the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena; with a distinct strategy that she guards as sacred within her omniscient soul. With the help of the owl, Athena is able to see the whole truth, even from her blind sides. Empaths possess clairaudient abilities… the ability to hear the hidden meaning of what others are not saying, yet is conveyed in their silence.

The owl calls us to learn to trust our instincts about others. Owl empowers you to hear the silent whispers, to interpret subtle facial micro-expressions of liars… the words not spoken, yet conveyed between the breath of words. Owls blink like humans do, but they also have a “third eyelid” that sweeps from side to side to help clean and lubricate their eyes. Micro-expressions occur in 1/25 of a second, so only unerring perception will detect these movements. The human brain cannot process information received fast enough to fake the desired expressions. During this “crisis of indecision” in our minds, our expression flickers our candid emotion. Empaths are notorious for having this flair…. To penetrate minds, read verbal and non-verbal cues and to telepathically immerse oneself in the emotions of others…. Orchestrating a scenario so palpable that it resonates inside of them. Empaths have this paranormal ability…. To embody the circumstances of others and internalise them as one’s own…. To feel another’s anger, fear, sadness, joy, despair, grief…. To feel it pulsate through your veins and reverberate through your bones….. An empath’s soul is naked, raw, unapologetic….


“A wise old owl lived in an oak; the more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he saw. Why can’t we all be like this bird?” – Edward Hersey Richards

An empath’s ability to be so cognizant of other’s “vibrations” is an enchanting tool that can be conspired to either manipulate or uplift. These psychic powers can be fabricated to be of an authentic nature, behind an innocent façade, to control others. Is there perhaps a dark side to the charming, sympathetic and selfless Empath?? Some see the owl as one who is allied with bad spirits and occultists due to its clairvoyant and fortune-telling tendencies. Does this “Empath owl” live nocturnally in society with the intent of swooping down to capitalise their innocent prey with psychic mind games? Personal intent is the crux of the matter.

An element of “deception” and mystery is unveiled in an Owl when he hunts. He sits and watches from heights of canopy of forest, awaiting the perfect moment… And in complete silence he swoops down to dominate his prey…. Watching an owl in his magnificent conquest leaves one with a sense of reverence, mystery and perhaps fear mixed with awe. An empath manifests this enigma and secrecy. Like an owl, an empath will meditate in solitude, envisaging a goal, engrossed in her core, striking when the moment presents itself. An empath (as an owl) has an unshakeable self-awareness of herself… This is why being grounded in meditation is the compass of an empath’s being.

The Owl totem is an old soul, a guarder of ancient wisdom, a gatekeeper to the Akashic realm. He peers through the secrets and agendas of others, is a prophet and can see, hear and behold events before they even transpire. Empaths are also often counselors and have an inherent desire to “fix” other’s despair and anguish…. The emotional intelligence and sacred knowledge of an empath quenches the thirst of society for such transparency. The owl is emblematic of a empath who fosters a deep connection with wisdom and intuition. The Feather of an owl is said to help you to find out the secrets of a sleeping person.

The darker side of the Owl is associated with the announcement of death and that the “spirit animal” would bear the souls of the departed to the underworld. The demon goddess Lilith is represented throughout history as an owl (in Jewish lore) and is the most popular topic in feminist literature related to ancient mythology. Lilith was also believed to be the first wife of Adam (and also the wife of Satan). In short, Lilith confronts both Adam and God: she defies patriarchy, submission and marriage altogether. Lilith means “the night”, and she embodies the spiritual aspects of darkness: terror, sensuality and unbridled freedom.

However, in modern mythology, Lilith has transformed into a symbol to many feminists of a independent woman, who refuses to submit to the control of men. The tale of  “Lilith the demon”, who fled to a place of liberation, became a celebrated paradigm. Celtic belief is that the owl is a reminder that death represents a new beginning, a new life. Once a source of fear, Lilith has been transformed into an icon of freedom. Lilith’s character is believed to have grown out of repression of her sexuality, free impulse and defiant pride. As modern Jews have many more direct questions about sex, freedom and choice, Lilith becomes a complex representation of our own desires. The debate of this “Owl demon” persists…. goddess or demon? Is an empath’s strong will, defiant nature and integrity sometimes misconstrued as rebellion? Like an owl, an empath is multifaceted and the complex fibres of her soul is continually misunderstood. Empaths, like Owls, are somewhat outcasts of society…. Simultaneously being labelled as a bad omen and a goddess.


Some species of owls are endangered and are suffering a loss of habitat. People also hunt and kill them in the mistaken belief that they are “pests.” However, the hunting ability of owls actually helps exterminate rodents, thus they have an important role to play in the ecosystem. Just like the owl, an empath tends to take on the figurative “pests” in others’ lives, often to her own detriment…. Empath’s pure hearts are so often squandered by narcissists who use them for their benefit. The empath is naturally a nurturer, sensitive and has a zest for life and contagious presence. Those who see empath’s social intelligence, can easily manoeuvre an empath’s affections into a vicious destructive cycle. So empaths, in turn, also become endangered, due to their loss of hope in the world…. They turn the switch …. They choose not to feel.

The Owl and the Empath encompass such kaleidoscopic traits that merge into a phenomena of colours….. It is both exhilarating and exhausting to exist in such a schizoaffective mind….. Such vulnerability, yet such knowledge, vision and wisdom. Empathy is after all about finding echoes of another person in yourself…. And so the owl hoots its call…. and so it echoes on and on…..

“You have been gifted with a unique perspective, turn your gaze inward, your answers lie within.” – Southern Hemisphere Pagan



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