Bipolar Motor

My mind romps like a bipolar motor

Got me lucky like a clover

I can’t see any reason

To not accept your semen

My head be thumping, need an advil

Got me spinning like a windmill

I wear you like whiskey

Come here and let’s get frisky

Without you by my side

It’s like teeth lacking fluoride

I’m captured in your stare

Let’s ride this love affair

We met at the dawn of spring

You got me worshipping

Your mind games be sociopathic

But meets my psychopathic

Sensing a constant form of mania

Take me out this hysteria

My bipolarity

Understands your solidarity

We drank cream-soda and cane

Your presence like cocaine

Feeling a hot flush fever

Running like a retriever

When we said goodbye

My tears were like a glass eye

After a mere fortnight

I want you to be my white knight

I want an encore

You’re the one that I adore

You don’t seem to give a fuck

While I sit here starstruck

This uncontrollable passion

Got me squeaking like Kardashian

Find me bowing at your throne

Even if you in a different time zone

I’ll always be your kitty

We’ll be wrapped in propinquity

Oh, dear lion

You are my dandelion

To finish I’ll stop chasing

And try a little patience

Who knows if fate

Will make you my soul mate…


xxx Love Kitty!!




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