Kitty meets Lion

I am consumed by him….

He has lit up a fire inside of me that I did not know even existed. Wait a minute now, Kitty, pull yourself together girl! Where is the powerhouse, feminist, driven, ambitious and sassy sexy woman that you once were?? Could one meagre man truly pull you so low?? To such a point of vulnerability, weakness and naivety?

The reason why your core is shaken is because your deeply hidden desires were momentarily but very articulately met…. By a simple boy…. And his name is Tom. Tom has changed your entire sexual stance…. He has raised the bar. No more vanilla sex. It’s time for the sociopath to read your complex bi-polar mind. He knows just what to say…. He has you hanging at his every word…. He KNOWS the power that he has over you. He KNOWS that deep down, you crave it, you always have. The desire to be dominated and overruled, despite being the feisty and independent woman that you are. You feed off this power struggle. All your life, YOU have been in control. In charge of every element of your life; in charge of your career, your finances, your home, even your partner!! When did you ever even expect that what you truly desired, what you truly craved, was this: to belong to someone, to be desired, dominated yet respected….

Tom has riveted every fibre of my being…. Perhaps call him a sociopath, a narcissist, a playboy…. but he knows what a Kitten like you craves…. HE LISTENS. And he has won. For the first time….. I have found myself to surrender…. my entire soul…. now belongs to my lion. A young boy who has an uncanny, intimidating presence, a stare that melts my soul and shakes my bones. He has literally broken me….. oh my dear, the story has merely begun!!!

Follow me on my journey to discovering this dynamic power struggle between myself (known as Kitty) and my fictional lover (known as Lion). Perhaps an unconventional love story, but this is certainly most tangible, wild concrete form of love that I have ever known.

I would like to show it to Lion once I have truly seen that I have won his affections back. He is fighting back his emotional turmoil, but I know that deep down he loves me.

So my dearest Lion…. I profess my love to you …. Kitten is hopelessly, recklessly and unshakeably in love with her Lion! I do hope that you too feel the same someday. We met just at the wrong time, but my memories with you are pixelated and frozen in my frontal lobe…..

“Submission doesn’t mean that we’re weak-minded, feeble or frail. It means that we’re empowered by choice, and that we’re dedicated to esteeming others higher than ourselves.”



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